Four reasons new parents should consider health insurance

Dr Kathryn Senior By Dr Kathryn Senior

Having children is a milestone that changes your perspective on life. Like many new parents, you’ll probably want to review the healthcare you have in place for yourself and your new family.

Now that you have smaller people to consider, finding cheap health insurance becomes even more important. With the right cover you can rest assured that everyone in your family has prompt access to high-quality treatment.

You also need to make sure that if you become ill you’re able to get back on your feet quickly so that you can get back to supporting your family.

Although many insurers exclude conditions during pregnancy, once your child is born it is possible to find cover for them.

That might be through an individual policy tailored to your child's needs or by including them in family cover.

We explain how private health companies view pregnancy here.

At Bought By Many we aim to help people understand all of the insurance options available to them and choose a policy that works for their needs.

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Health insurance is convenient and means you can be there for them

Your kids depend on you, whether you’re the one who stays home to look after them, or the one who earns the income that puts food on the table. Sometimes, parents have to take on both of these roles on their own.

Whatever your circumstances, it’s important for you to have quick access to treatment, to keep you fit and healthy and there for your kids.

With private health insurance, you can choose when and where you are treated. That means you can get back to work as quickly as possible or you can fit your treatment around your childcare, instead of struggling to fit commitments around NHS appointments.

You can schedule appointments during the school day as well as avoiding the headache of having to attend an appointment during the school holidays with the kids in tow.

Family health insurance means they won’t miss school

The same principle applies to treatment for your kids. If you take out an insurance policy for them, or include them on a family policy, you can choose treatment at a time that fits their school schedule. That way they won’t miss out on crucial classes, exciting school trips or other important parts of the curriculum.

Private health cover also means your children may be seen sooner than on the NHS, which can lead to a faster recovery and reduce the risk of their condition developing and causing more disruption to their schooling.

If speed of treatment is important to you, you can often cut the cost of cover by choosing a policy that only comes into force when the NHS waiting list is longer than you’re comfortable with, for example if you can’t get treatment within six weeks.

Child health insurance makes treatment less frightening

Staying in hospital can be a daunting experience for children, but with private health insurance, you’ll know they are in the best possible hands in comfortable surroundings.

Private medical cover for kids means they’ll be able stay in their own room if they have to stay overnight, with all the facilities they need to make them feel at home, regularly including TV and wi-fi.

Children’s private medical insurance will often include facilities for parents to stay overnight with them, which isn’t always guaranteed in NHS hospitals.

It can make a huge difference to your child, reducing their (and your) anxiety and making the whole process feel less frightening.

Even if you can’t stay the night, private healthcare will normally allow unlimited visiting, rather than the restricted times of an NHS ward.

Family health insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

Family health insurance makes a lot of practical sense, even before you consider the many other advantages, such as access to drugs that may not be available on the NHS.

So how do you go about getting cover for your family, and how do you keep the costs down?

You can take out health insurance for your children individually, or include them as part of a family policy. There are advantages to both options.

With an individual policy, you can tailor the cover to meet the needs of your children. Children’s healthcare differs widely from your own, and so a one-size-fits-all policy isn’t always suitable.

On the other hand, including all family members in one policy will usually be much cheaper than insuring everyone individually.

Most health insurers have the option of family cover, and some will even include your extended family. For example, the multi-family policy from WPA covers anyone ‘related by blood, marriage, civil partnership, as cohabiting partners, by adoption or fostering’, wherever they live in the UK, all under one policy.

Remember, you can save up to 20% on family health insurance from Health-on-line by joining our private medical insurance group.

You can also get free advice about health insurance and compare quotes using Activequote.

How has starting a family affected your health insurance decisions?

There are many different ways to go about covering your family with private health insurance, and many different elements to consider. We’d love to hear from you about your experience in choosing family health cover. Let us know and we’ll share your ideas with other new parents to help everyone get the cover they need for their kids.

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