Parties, eating out and tipsy tips: Diabetes UK's guide to the Christmas season

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If you're invited to a party, always check in advance whether there will be food available. It may be that there are just a few nibbles, if anything at all. In which case, you may need to eat before you go, especially if you know that you'll be having a drink or two.

Changing your routine

If you are going to be eating later than usual you may need to change your routine:

    If your diabetes is treated with insulin you can delay your injection until you are about to eat – you may need to have a snack such as a small sandwich at your usual mealtime to prevent a hypo. If you are uncertain about adjusting the timing of your injections, talk to your diabetes healthcare team for advice.

  • If your diabetes is treated with diet alone or diet and tablets the exact time you eat isn't so crucial.

Read Diabetes UK's full guide to the Christmas season.

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