5 Pet Insurance Companies Offering Dental Cover for Dogs and Cats

Sam Gilbert By Sam Gilbert

Most pet insurance policies won't pay out for dental treatment, unless your pet's teeth were damaged in an accident. But the good news is that we've tracked down 5 pet insurance companies who offer more comprehensive dental cover for dogs and cats. They are:

  1. Bought By Many
  2. MORE TH>N
  3. Petplan
  4. E&L
  5. Co-op

Aside from these five, VetsMediCover also offers up to £350 of dental cover with all its policies. The main exclusion is that it won't cover treatment that is carried out six months or more after it has been recommended by a vet, so if you do get a policy, make sure you get treatment promptly. As with most pet insurance, it will not cover cleaning, cosmetic or routine dental treatments.

Read on to learn more about the dental cover these pet insurance companies provide.

1. Bought By Many

We’ve launched our Complete policy - the most comprehensive pet insurance available, which includes dental cover as standard.

The policy has a £15,000 yearly vet fee limit and dental work can be paid for from this pot. We do ask owners to make sure their pet has a dental checkup with a vet at least once a year.

Our Complete insurance can also cover complementary therapies, international travel, theft, loss and death. We offer a 15% discount if you're insuring more than one pet.

Join our pet insurance group to access the cover and get a quote.

2. More Than's Premier policy provides £2,000 worth of dental cover as standard

It will pay out for dental treatment provided that:

  • Your pet has had a dental examination in the 12 months before the dental condition started
  • Any treatment recommended by the vet at the last dental appointment was carried out

You can get a quote at the MORE TH>N website.

Or, join our Pet Insurance group for a 32.5% members-only discount on More Than Premier.

3. Petplan includes dental cover in both its "Covered for Life" pet insurance policies, Classic and Ultimate

Again, this is conditional on your pet having had regular dental check-ups. The policy document states that they will pay "the cost of treatment for a dental injury or illness providing your pet had a dental examination carried out by a vet in the 12 months before the injury happened or the illness was first noticed."

You can get a quote from Petplan at their website.

4. E&L also provide dental cover

They state in their website's Pet Insurance Frequently Asked Questions that: "If the treatment was relating to a condition and not routine, for cosmetic reasons or any tooth/gum related disease it would be covered by the policy."

Click here to get a quote from E&L.

5. The Co-op Pet Insurance offers dental cover as standard on both its Select Plus and Classic policies

As with More Than and Petplan, the cover is subject to the pet receiving an annual dental check up.

Why doesn't pet insurance always include dental cover?

As a general rule, pet insurance policies won't pay out for any kind of routine treatment - which is how they perceive most dentistry. They see it as the owner's responsibility to take care of their pet's teeth, ensuring they are regularly looked at by the vet, and to bear the costs of doing that. (The same is true for vaccinations and worming.)

So, the norm for pet insurance policies (apart from those mentioned above) is to exclude the cost of dental treatment, unless the need for treatment arose as the result of an accident.

Direct Line Pet Insurance gets an honorary mention for having the most eccentric exception to this rule. Like most pet insurers, their policy terms state that they do not cover dental treatment as a result of dental disease. However, they will cover "the removal of deciduous (milk) teeth...where the insured animal is more than 16 weeks old".

Which other pet insurance companies are you aware of who include dental cover?

Let us know through the Pet Insurance forum and we'll include them in the article.

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