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With a 5-star rating from Defaqto, Debenhams Platinum is one of the most highly-rated travel insurance policies on the market. Cheaper travel insurance for people who are comfortable with less cover is also available.

You can get a quote at the Debenhams Travel Insurance website.

Overview of the cover provided by Debenhams Travel Insurance policies

Debenhams may be a very well-known brand, but not everyone knows that, along with its major chain of department stores, they also provide a range of financial services.

Debenhams have four kinds of travel insurance policies – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Bronze. There is both single trip and annual cover available, as well as annual family cover and additions such as winter sports and even Honeymoon insurance.

Debenhams can offer holiday insurance cover to people under the age of 75, who been resident in the UK for six out of the last 12 months.

(In addition to travel insurance, Debenhams also offer other insurance products including pet insurance and wedding insurance which we have reviewed separately).

Holiday insurance cover with medical conditions

Cover for medical conditions can be provided, but Debenhams recommend the quote for this type of cover be obtained over the phone, as they need to ask several questions about the condition in order to provide the most suitable option for your circumstances. Alternatively, you can learn more about getting travel insurance with medical conditions here.

When seeking cover for pre-existing medical conditions, it’s important to always disclose all the details fully and honestly, and to read through the terms and conditions carefully, to make sure nothing about your personal medical circumstances that could invalidate any potential claim.

The Cost of Holiday Insurance from Debenhams

Travel insurance premiums vary widely depending on personal circumstances, such as the age and state of health of the person or people travelling and the destination. Some holiday locations, particularly the US, Canada and the Caribbean, are more expensive to get cover for, due to the cost of medical treatment in those regions. That said, as a guideline, we got the following quotes from Debenhams.

MULTI TRIP Annual Travel Insurance, Worldwide – a couple in their 50s

• BRONZE: cost = £52.75 per person; excess = £100; cancellation = £1,000; baggage = £1,500

• SILVER: cost = £67.06 per person; excess = £60; cancellation = £3,000; baggage = £1,500

• GOLD: cost = £84.82 per person; excess = £50; cancellation = £5,000; baggage = £2,000

• PLATINUM: cost = £120.65 per person; excess = £0; cancellation = £7,500; baggage = £2,500

SINGLE TRIP Travel Insurance, Spain, 2 weeks – one 34yr old woman travelling solo

• BRONZE: cost = £14.04; excess = £100; cancellation = £1,000; baggage = £1,500

• SILVER: cost = £21.68; excess = £60; cancellation = £3,000; baggage = £1,500

• GOLD: cost = £28.44; excess = £50; cancellation = £5,000; baggage = £2,000

• PLATINUM: cost = £40.99; excess = £0; cancellation = £7,500; baggage = £2,500

What we say

Debenhams is a well-known and respected brand, which has been in existence since the 18th century. In addition to their solid reputation, their annual policies have proven good value for money, particularly when travelling to the USA, Canada, and The Caribbean.

Another benefit if you get a free £5 gift card for Debenhams Department Store with single trip policies, and £10 with annual policies. Additionally, up to three under 18s are covered free per insured adult.

What customers say

Debenhams’ customers rated them 4.1 out of 5 in's Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews. Customers were asked for their feedback in four categories: customer service, flexibility & fairness, product features and value for money. They scored Debenhams 4 for customer service, flexibility & fairness, 4.1 for product features and 4.3 for value for money.

What expert reviews say

Defaqto, an independent financial researcher, rates products between 1 Star (“a basic product, with a low level of features and benefits”) and 5 Stars (“an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits”).

Defaqto Star Ratings indicate where a product or proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

Defaqto rates Debenhams’ travel insurance policies as follows:

Luxury = 5 Stars

Superior = 3 Stars

Gold (offered on comparison sites) = 3 Stars

Silver (offered on comparison sites) = 3 Stars

Standard = 2 Stars

Bronze (offered on comparison sites) = 2 Stars

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