Debenhams Gadget Insurance Review

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Department store Debenhams provides gadget insurance with cover for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, games consoles, cameras and even sat navs.

It has options for individuals, students and businesses, as well as a family bundle that allows you to insure up to 10 gadgets under the same policy.

Debenhams gadget insurance is administered by Taurus Insurance Services Limited.

You can get a quote from Debenhams' website.

Overview of cover provided by Debenhams Gadget Insurance

Debenhams will tailor its gadget insurance to customers’ needs. Individuals can get cover for up to three gadgets from their personal policy, and families have the option to insure up to 10 gadgets (including games consoles, cameras and sat navs as well as phones and laptops) under one family bundle policy.

Debenhams also has a policy for business owners, which insures gadgets owned by a company and used by employees.

It also has a student policy, which protects students’ gadgets at home, university and up to 90 days a year worldwide.

Like many other providers, Debenhams offers three tiers of cover. The basic level, which it calls Standard Cover, protects against accidental damage (including water damage and cracked screens), device breakdown, accessory cover up to £50 and offers worldwide cover up to 30 days a year.

Their next tier, Premium Cover, offers all of that but adds cover for theft, as well as unauthorised use (calls and data use if a gadget is stolen) and up to £2,500 and e-wallet cover.

The highest level of cover, Ultimate Cover, includes protection against loss as well as all of the above.

However, no matter what level of cover you choose, Debenhams gadget policies have no limit on the number of claims you can make in a year. It also offers like-for-like replacements for gadgets and has a 12-month warranty on repairs. The Debenhams website says that 93% of claims were approved last year.

Debenhams also offers a 10% discount when you insure two or more gadgets.

You can get a quote from the Debenhams Gadget Insurance website.

The Debenhams gadget insurance quote form is quick and easy to use, and is very clear about what is included in level of cover you choose. It's simple to find your gadgets on the quote form and it calculates how much they are worth for you.

How is Debenhams gadget insurance different from other providers?

Most gadget insurance providers offer similar cover to Debenhams: protection against loss, theft and damage. However, Debenhams is one of the few providers to offer a family bundle for gadget insurance.

How much does Debenhams Gadget Insurance cost?

The price of your policy will depend on the gadget you insure, as well as the level of cover and type of policy. However, discounts are available for multi-gadget cover. And for personal, student and business policies, if you choose to pay annually rather than monthly you’ll receive 12 months’ cover for the price of 11. For the family bundle, you’ll receive two months' free cover.

Example quotes

Personal Policy

Apple iPhone 6 16GB, value up to £459 – Standard Cover - £5.75 a month

Apple iPhone 6 16GB, value up to £459 – Ultimate Cover - £7.75 a month

Apple MacBook Pro 13" 128GB, value up to £1,000 – Personal Policy – Standard Cover - £7.50 a month

Apple MacBook Pro 13" 128GB, value up to £1,000 – Personal Policy – Ultimate Cover - £10.50 a month

Family Bundle (a very Apple-loving family)

Apple iPhone 6 16GB x 4

Apple MacBook Pro 13" 128GB x 2

Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi x 1

Standard cover = £18.75 a month

Ultimate cover = £28 a month

Find out how much it will cost to insure your gadget here.

What do Debenhams Gadget Insurance customers reviews say?

Debenhams Gadget Insurance is a fairly new policy, so it doesn't yet have any customer reviews online.

What do the experts say?

Independent financial researcher Defaqto rates Debenhams’ gadget cover either 5 Stars or 3 Stars.

Its Mobile & Gadget Insurance Family Bundle Ultimate and Mobile & Gadget Insurance Ultimate policies are both rated 5 Stars. The rest of its products receive 3 Stars.

A 5 Star policy is "an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits" and a 3 Star rating indicates “a standard product providing an average level of features and benefits”.

Defaqto Star ratings indicate where a product or proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

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