Review: Co-Op Home Insurance

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Key policy features

  • £50 voucher for new customers and an online discount
  • Guaranteed no claims discount
  • Optional extras including home emergency cover

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Most people in the UK are familiar with The Co-op as a grocer and bank, but may not be aware that it also offers car, pet and home insurance.

Its home policy offers comprehensive cover for buildings and contents. At present it is offering £50 of Co-op food vouchers to new customers and there is an online discount of up to 20%.

You can get a quote on the Co-op's website.

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Overview of Co-op home insurance policies

The Co-op allows you to take out separate buildings or contents cover, or to select a combined policy.

Its buildings insurance covers up to £500,000 of rebuild costs as standard. Other standard policy benefits include accidental damage cover for cables, drains and pipes; up to £2m property owners’ liability cover; and protection for domestic outbuildings such as greenhouses, garages and sheds.

Co-op customers can choose their maximum level of contents cover. Its contents policy includes new for old replacement – except for clothing and household linen, £2,000 theft cover from domestic outbuildings and up to £500 for visitors' personal belongings.

For valuable items, policyholders can select one of four ‘high risk item’ limits, ranging from £6,000 to £15,000.

On top of these policies, you can choose extra cover including:

  • Accidental contents or buildings damage
  • Personal possessions cover away from the home
  • Home emergency protection, for rapid response assistance in the event of a home emergency

The Co-op also offers landlord insurance. Find out more about the best landlord home insurers here.

Learn more about The Co-op's home polcies on their website.

How much does home insurance from Co-op cost?

The Co-op says 10% of new customers pay £120 or less a year, however, the exact price will depend on your policy and personal circumstances.

For example, the cost will be affected by whether you go for a single policy or combined contents and buildings cover; the value of the contents you are covering; the specifics of your home (age, location etc.); and any previous claims could also impact the quote.

The Co-op does offer some incentives, for example, new customers receive £50 of grocery vouchers and it offers a guaranteed 30% no claims discount.

You can choose to raise your policy excess, which will make the overall premium price lower. Do bear in mind that you will have to pay this excess in the event of a claim, so set it at an affordable level. Get a Co-op home insurance quote for an accurate price.

Get a tailored quote from The Co-op online.

What do Co-op insurance customers say?

On review website, Co-op insurance scores an average of 4.22/5 stars from 156 reviews.

What do experts say about Co-op home insurance?

The Fairer Finance website ranks Co-op 17th out of 47 home insurance companies and gives it a bronze rating.

Independent financial researcher Defaqto has rated Co-op's home policies as 3 Star.

A Star Rating indicates where a product or proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

A 3 Star rated policy has “an average level of features and benefits”

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