If you’re a young driver, insurance is starting to get more affordable - and here’s why.

Ronny Lavie By Ronny Lavie

  1. The black box

    Tired of being written off as a boy (or girl) racer? You can opt to have a black box fitted to your car that will record your driving style. So as long as you're a careful driver, your quarterly premiums will come down.

    The inside info:
    We've listed the eight best black box insurance companies here.

  2. Insurers are fighting to get you

    We know you're all over price comparison sites like Confused.com and Gocompare.com, but they don’t show you the full picture. While most insurers are fighting to be cheapest, some are opting out. So don't forget to go direct to Aviva and Direct Line – there might be a better quote waiting for you.

    The inside info: Watch out, cheapest isn't best. To get the top slot on comparison tables, insurers cut parts out of the policy, like limiting mileage or removing cover for legal fees.

  3. Work the system

    It's not only your age and driving experience that change how much you pay. If you dial up the excess (the amount you have to pay if you do have a bump), it can bring down your premium by £400!

    The inside info: No one actually wants to pay a £1000 excess, but we've found you an easy way around it – insure the excess for only £39.99!

  4. Build your history

    Sadly no matter how carefully you drive, the one thing you can't magic is experience. The number of years you've been driving without any disasters is still key. So make sure you’re keeping track from the first time you get behind the wheel.

    The inside info: The AA will let you build your no-claims history even if the policy isn't in your name, you can even carry your learner track record forwards using Provisional Marmalade.

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