Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2016

Digby Bodenham By Digby Bodenham

Bought By Many had two new joiners last week when Lottie and Mr Weasel stopped by our office for Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

The day is celebrated around the world every June 24 and sees four-legged friends visit offices, shops and places of business.

In the UK the event aimed to raise money for the All Dogs Matter charity.

Here’s how Lottie and Mr Weasel got on at Bought By Many and we’ve also included our favourite pics and videos of other dogs celebrating the day.

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Every day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day for the North Yorkshire Police dog team, but this clip is still one of the cutest we’ve seen.

Here’s another tweet from a police force, although I’m not sure these dogs usually spend their time in the helicopter!

It wasn’t just businesses taking part. Here’s Ricky Gervais with a gang of pooches.

Glamour magazine added a touch of, err, glamour with its picture of the mag’s editor’s dog Bella.

And it looks like PETA staff are pretty lucky because they have dogs in their office every day!

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