Bought by Many Launch Health Partnership with Vitality

Ronny Lavie By Ronny Lavie

Bought by Many and Vitality announce a new offer on health insurance.

Bought by Many is announcing a new partnership with Vitality (formerly PruHealth) on health insurance for Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs. By using the collective power you share with others, you can get a £50 voucher with your Vitality health insurance. This can be used at one of Vitality's partner brands, such as Evans Cycles. This is an exclusive deal negotiated for Bought by Many members and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Why take out health insurance?

Understandably, many people don't deem private health insurance to be necessary, as we all have access to the NHS. However, the level of care and, crucially, the speed with which you are treated at private facilities is not to be sniffed at, particularly for those with busy or demanding jobs, as well business owners and entrepreneurs, who would like to be back on their feet and working asap. This can also be true of people who are serious about their physical fitness, or compete in competitions such as triathlons - a long absence from training can significantly impact performance.

On top of this, if taking out private health insurance actually ends up saving you money, then it becomes a no-brainer. This is where Vitality comes in.

Why Vitality?

Vitality membership comes with an array of benefits and rewards, which make it undeniably fantastic value for money. These benefits include 50% off monthly Virgin Active gym membership; discounts from top brands, including 50% off at SweatShop and on a Polar Heart Rate Monitor or Garmin device; and a points system which allows you to earn rewards – like a weekly Starbucks coffee and cinema tickets - just by keeping healthy and active.

You also get member benefits at BA, Eurostar and Champneys, to name but a few.

And why Bought by Many?

Bought by Many helps people club together to buy insurance. We connect people with similar insurance needs in groups, and use the group's collective buying power to negotiate offers on insurance that wouldn't be available to individuals. The concept’s simple - the more people who join a group, the better the deal becomes.

It’s thanks to the collective power of all the people who have joined Bought by Many that we have been able to negotiate an exclusive deal with Vitality. Join the group and you can take advantage of the deal as well - £50 voucher when you get Vitality health insurance. You can use the voucher a selection of Vitality’s partners, including Sweatshop, Evans Cycles and Eurostar, on top of the benefits you get for being a Vitality member!

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