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Hopefully this page will answer any questions you have about Bought By Many, using our site, insurance, insurance terms and pet insurance. But if your query is not covered, feel free to contact us here.

What is Bought By Many? Bought By Many is a free, members-only service that negotiates discounts and offers for groups of people with specific insurance needs. We want to send a powerful message to the insurance industry about treating people as individuals. We have more than 250,000 members.

How does it work? We negotiate discounts directly with insurers, only for our members. Simply join the group that is most appropriate for your needs (For example, we have more than 130 pet groups, including groups for older dogs and exotic pets), to see the offer we have negotiated. You can then get a quote with our partner insurer with our discount added on. The more people who join Bought By Many, the better bargaining power we have to negotiate larger discounts.

How can I trust you? Our business model is based on trying to make the insurance industry fairer for consumers. We work with insurance firms but we are an independent company that is authorised and regulated by the FCA. We have over 250,000 members, we’ve been featured in publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Wired and The Sunday Times and have won a range of industry awards. Find out more about our team and what customers have to say about us here.

How do you get discounts from insurers? We can negotiate discounts because of the combined buying power of our members. Insurers are willing to give us offers because we have significant groups of people who might be interested in their policies. Traditionally insurers have used a one-size-fits-all approach to create many of their policies. But that can mean people with specific needs are often charged more or can’t find a policy that suits them. We approach insurers to get a fairer deal for our members or to tailor policies for their needs.

How do you make your money? If you decided to take our offer and get a policy with one of our partner insurers they will pay us a fee. It will not impact your discount or your policy quote. Because we are sending business their way insurers are willing to pay us commission and because we have large groups of people who want fairer policies they can give you a discount. Everyone wins.

Using the site

How do I join a group? Find the group that is most appropriate to your needs and hit join group. You will be asked to let your friends know about Bought By Many on social media. You do not have to do that but the more people who know about us and join our groups, the more power we have to negotiate better discounts for you.

Why do I need to join a group? Joining a group gives us more power to negotiate better deals for you. If you approached an insurer on your own and asked for a discount they are unlikely to give it to you. But if we can show them that a large group of people looking for a particular policy feel unfairly treated we have a much better chance of getting a cheaper policy for everyone in a group.

How do I get a quote? Once you have joined click the ‘get a quote’ button. You will then be taken to our insurance partner’s site where you can enter your details to get a quote.

I can’t see my discount. How do I now it has been applied to my quote? Some providers will make it clear that your Bought By Many discount has been applied, however, some don’t. As long as you have clicked on ‘get a quote’ on our site the final quote you receive will include our discount. Once you have joined one of groups and clicked to get a quote through our site a unique piece of code will be added to the web URL, which will identify you as Bought By Many Customers and the discount will be automatically applied.

I’m not ready to purchase insurance; can you send me a reminder when I am? Yes, we’d be happy to. You can set up a reminder from the group pages you are a member of. Just choose which month you would like to receive an email reminder.

Why do you want to access my Facebook data? We have access to limited amounts of data on Facebook, similar to what your friends can see. We use it to find out who our members are so we can improve our site for the people that use it and so that we can recommend our offers to other people like you.

Is my data secure? Yes, we take data security and privacy very seriously. For more information, read our privacy policy here.

Can I be removed from your email mailing list? Log in to Bought By Many and click on your name at the top of the site. You can then manage your email preferences from your profile page.

Can I leave a group? We’re sad to see any member leave and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience do let us know. If you are considering leaving a group, please contact us here.


Do I need insurance; can I just self-insure? The decision to insure or what level of insurance to take is very dependent on personal circumstances and what is being insured. But for many people a quality insurance policy gives them peace of mind and can make their lives easier during stressful times. We have a guide to whether you need pet insurance here.

Why do I need to give my address to get a quote? Insurance companies use this information to create a quote based on factors such as crime and claim statistics. Your postcode can have an impact on your insurance premium.

How do I know which insurer is best for me? The right insurer and policy will be different for each person, so it is important to research the type of insurance you are looking for. We have hundreds of reviews of insurers and policies here.

I can find cheaper quotes on price comparison sites, why should I use you? A cheap policy might not be right for everyone. In some cases they can end up costing more in excess payments, or might not even cover everything you’d expect them to. Our offers give you a discount on quality policies.

I received a discount through Bought By Many but my insurance has increased when I renewed. Policies can increase when you renew. Read our guide to why costs increase. For some policies it can be worth shopping around. You may even find a better deal on our site.

The type of insurance I’m looking for isn’t listed; can you offer me a discount? Let us know what policy or insurer you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do. Contact us here. We are adding new groups and providers all the time so if you check back we might have what you are looking for.

Guide to insurance terms

What is self-insurance? Self-insurance is a method people use instead of taking out a policy with an insurance provider. It involves taking on the risk yourself by regularly setting aside money to cover potential costs. There is information about self-insurance in our article on whether you need pet insurance.

What is accident only insurance? Insurers will offer different levels of cover but generally accident only policies provide a fixed amount of money if your pet has an accident but will not pay out for on-going or one-off illnesses. However, some policies may include an amount towards the cost of emergency treatment of an illness. Animal friends offers the policy, find out more here. There also is more information in our guide to dog insurance.

What is lifetime pet insurance? Lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive level of pet insurance. It covers all the possible conditions your pet might be afflicted with in the future (not including any conditions your pet already suffers from when you take out the policy) and usually offers a significant pay-out for illness or injury. As long as you renew the policy each year, the level of cover will remain the same, although there is no guarantee the fees will not increase. Lifetime policies can be a good option to explore if you are concerned about your pet developing a long-term or recurring illness. All of our pet insurance partners offer lifetime cover. Find out more about our pet groups here.

What is time-limited cover? Time-limited policies allow pet owners to claim a set amount for certain conditions, usually in a 12-month period. After that, no further payouts will be made for that condition. When the policy ends you will be able to renew but the condition you previously claimed for is likely to be excluded. The policy could pay for treatment such as behavioural therapy or physiotherapy after an injury. It is often used by owners with older pets that might be susceptible to illness.

What is Defaqto? Defaqto is an independent financial services review site. It gives a policy a rating out of five based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits an insurance policy offers.

What is the FCA? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent financial regulatory body. It regulates financial firms providing services to consumers in the UK. Although Bought By Many works with partners and does not offer insurance policies directly, our activities are still authorised and regulated by the FCA. That means the information we provide is fair and accurate.

Pet insurance

For our pet insurance FAQs, click here.

Read more about our groups and offers below or explore the site to find a group for your needs.

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