11 awesome pet pictures from our members and friends

Heidi Abela By Heidi Abela

We love hearing from members and Facebook friends that we've helped save money on pet insurance. But we love it even more when they send us pictures of their pets.

Here are the 11 best pictures of playful pooches and cute cats that we have been sent. Find out how you can get our exclusive pet insurance discount here.

  1. Mumford and Freddie hate being apart.

  2. Teddy Pom Pom, a small dog, with big ambitions to become the next Dulux dog.

  3. Tinkerbelle says she hasn't been anywhere near the pasta sauce. How dare you make such an accusation?

  4. The phrase 'puppy dog eyes' was invented for Blue.

  5. Jake definitely isn't too big to be a lapdog.

  6. Luna loves to hang out in the sink.

  7. Poppy has the guiltiest face ever.

  8. Alfie is just so flipping happy to see you.

  9. Mollie would like you to help her with her tax return.

  10. Wally the GOLDEN retriever loves mud. Like, seriously loves mud.

  11. Thor, like his name sake, is fairly big and strong. So big he can sit on the sofa while standing on the floor!!!

Our pets are funny, silly, loyal, amazing and wonderful, offer them the cover they deserve. Check out our unique pet insurance here.

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