The Best Pet Insurance for Cats 2017

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We've reviewed the latest independent research to come up with our list of the Best Pet Insurance for Cats 2017. You can learn more about the providers with our individual reviews.

  1. Animal Friends - Prestige
  2. LV= - Premier
  3. Petplan - Ultimate
  4. John Lewis Insurance - Plus or Premier
  5. Tesco Bank - Premier
  6. More Than - Classic or Premier
  7. Sainsburys Bank - Premier Plus
  8. John Lewis Insurance - Essential
  9. Direct Line - Advanced Cover
  10. M&S Bank - Premier

Update, 2017 We've launched our own unique pet insurance policies! You can choose between policies that never increase in price, offer money back if you do not claim, cover pre-existing conditions and more.

They are not included in the above list of the best pet insurers because they are new products and have not yet been rated by the independent financial review firms we use to create the top 10.

If you have cats for pets you can find out more about our cover and get a quote by joining our pet insurance group.

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How did you come up with this list?

We looked at the awards insurers have received, customer feedback and reviewed research on pet insurance conducted by independent financial services review firms, including Which?, to find the best pet insurance for cats in terms of all round quality (not just cost).

Which? gives each pet insurance policy for cats a percentage score out of 100.

In the past Argos, Admiral, Computerquote, Vetsure Plus, and Animal Friends Superior Plus featured in the best cat insurance list. They were replaced by the likes of M&S Premier, More Than Classic and Sainsburys Bank Premier Plus.

(Don't forget we have separate articles reviewing insurance for Dogs, Rabbits, Multiple Pets, Exotic Pets, and even Humans...)

Best Cat Insurance versus Cheapest Cat Insurance

It’s common for cat owners who haven’t previously bought pet insurance to choose the cheapest policy available. Although this is a good way of keeping your pet insurance costs down, it can lead to bad experiences when your cat needs vet treatment and you have to claim.

In this article, we want to go beyond looking at pet insurance costs for cats. But if you're not convinced, and you're simply looking to minimise your costs while giving your cat some insurance cover, have a look at our Cheap Pet Insurance for Cats article, where we reveal the 5 cheapest pet insurance policies currently available.

What does cat insurance cost?

The average annual premium paid for pet insurance by UK cat owners is £205 - equating to just over £17 per month (source: Key Note). But you might pay much more or much less than this, depending on 3 key factors that influence the cost.

Although it's possible to insure a cat on a no-frills Accident Only policy for as little as £3 a month, the cat insurance policies in our Top 10 list are likely to cost between £10 and £20 per month, as they are mostly Lifetime pet insurance policies. The exact cost will vary from cat to cat and owner to owner, depending on these factors:

  1. Your cat's breed. Pedigree cats are more expensive to insure than moggies.
  2. Your cat's age. Older pets cats typically cost more than younger cats to insure.
  3. Your postcode. Cat insurance costs more in the parts of the UK where vet prices are highest - particularly London & South East England.

Making sense of the results of this list

Lifetime pet insurance policies from household names like Animal Friends, Petplan, John Lewis Insurance, More Than and LV= are regarded as the best pet insurance policies for cats. Here's why:

  • They provide a higher amount of cover for vets fees (in some cases, up to £12,000 per year) than most pet insurance policies for cats
  • There are fewer terms and conditions attached to when they will and won’t pay out. Lifetime pet insurance for cats will continue to pay out for a medical issue up to the vet fees limit for the full length of the cat’s life (in contrast to "time-limited" policies, which stop paying out after one year)
  • The cover for cats goes beyond just vet fees, and may include cover for end of life, dentistry, cattery fees, and even cover overseas

Why is your best cat insurance list different to your dog insurance top 10?

There are differences between the insurance cover available for cats and dogs, and in how pet insurance companies regard the risks of insuring them. And our dog insurance top 10 features The Kennel Club, which only offers cover for canines.

First, cat owners don't need public liability insurance. This is because - unlike dogs - cats are seen as "free spirits" in the eyes of the law, and owners cannot be held legally responsible for the things they do. Interestingly, this principle has been enshrined in law since Ancient Rome.

Meanwhile, the cost of vet treatment for a cat during its lifetime is significantly less than the cost for a dog. This is partly because procedures for cats cost less in the first place, and partly because the probability of cats needing treatment doesn't increase as sharply as they get older as the probability of dogs needing treatment does.

As a result, the total amount of vet bills cover in an insurance policy influences the ratings less for cats than it does for dogs, meaning policies with lower levels of vet bills cover (such as John Lewis Insurance Plus, which offers £7,500 of cover) feature highly in the top 10.

This may be why fewer cat owners choose to buy pet insurance than dog owners. In the UK, around 45% of dogs are insured, but only 25% of cats.

Our reviews of pet insurance companies

We've reviewed most of the pet insurance companies in our list. Learn more about them in our reviews:

And here is our full list of pet insurance reviews.

If there are other cat insurance policies you'd like us to review, please let us know through our pet insurance group forum.

Exclusive Offers

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