The Best Golf Insurance 2017

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The Best Golf Insurance 2017

Each of our top golf insurance policies includes at least £5m in personal liability, at least £50,000 in personal accident and at least £2,000 in golf equipment cover.

Some of the golf insurance policies on our list, such as Worry + Peace's Hole-in-1, The Golfers Club and GolfPlan, offer worldwide cover for golfing tournaments as standard.

Most of the other policies allow you to add this as an optional extra, for instance, Eversure will provide a worldwide cover extension for £10.10.

As with most insurance companies, golf companies may refuse to insure you after a certain age. However, several on our list will cover older golfers. For example, Hole-in-1 golf insurance will cover you after you turn 85, but not for personal accident, public liability or the hire of golf equipment.

If you insure your golf clubs and bag, insurance companies may have the option of cover on a new for old basis. This means the insurer will replace your clubs with a new set if they are lost or stolen. Some companies impose conditions such as the clubs being less than three years old.

There may be other exclusions to specialist golf policies. For example, balls, tees, clothing and buggies may require extra cover at an increased cost.

Bear in mind that specialist insurers, such as The Golfers Club, may offer different cover options to general sports insurers such as Insure4Sport.

Whether you pick a specialist golf insurer or a general sports insurer will depend on your own personal circumstances and the cover you require.

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Do I need golf insurance?

Golf insurance can help pay any costs that might occur if your equipment is damaged, stolen or lost, or if you injure someone or cause damage to their property through liability cover.

It may seem like a relatively safe sport but if you overhit a shot and end up catching someone or their car with a golf ball it can cause serious damage. And clubs are often targetted by thieves.

Golf insurance can also cover you for little things you might not think about, like golf club membership fees if you are too injured to play, your golfing trophies if they are stolen or damaged, and even a round of drinks at the bar if you get a hole in one. (All the policies in our list include some cover for this!)

If you're organising a tournament or golf event you can even get cover for prizes offered as part of a hole-in-one competition. It can cost a few hundred pounds but it will save you having to pay out thousands of pounds for the new car you'd put up for grabs if someone hits a lucky shot.

Some golf insurance companies offer cover for you to play abroad.

Many include worldwide insurance as standard, but some will only cover you for European or domestic golf, and anywhere further afield has to be included as an add-on.

If you do decide to pay more for international cover, double check it covers the destination you want to visit and check any limits there may be on duration and the number of trips you can go on.

Will my home insurance cover my golf equipment?

Some home insurance policies might cover golfing equipment.

For instance, Bought By Many has negotiated an exclusive discount with Covea (formerly Sterling insurance) for golfers to get a 10% discount on their home insurance with golfing cover. Join our group for more information.

If you have expensive clubs, they might have to be declared under the valuables section of your policy, which will have a single item limit. However, if your clubs are a little cheaper, they may be covered while at home as part of your regular contents insurance.

For example, Age UK, which ranks second on our list of the best home insurance providers, treats golf clubs as a set, regardless of the manufacturer. This means that they will be covered under the single item limit of your policy. For Age UK, this is £2,000.

The company can cover your golf clubs anywhere in the world. There are certain conditions - for instance, if your hotel room is left unlocked and they are stolen, you won't be able to claim.

One thing you should consider, though, is that Age UK will not cover your golf clubs for wear and tear; so if your rusty 5-iron breaks after years of use, you probably won't be able to claim.

Barclays home insurance goes even further. It has a sports equipment add-on, which will extend damage coverage to clubs while they are in use.

The maximum sum insured is £5,000, with a single item limit of £1,000. However, they do not specify whether a set of golf clubs will fall under the single item limit, or if each club is regarded as a single item of sports equipment.

Remember, insurers will have different exclusions and rules so make sure you read your policy documents thoroughly so you know exactly what you're covered for, and if you still aren't certain, get in contact with them to find out.

Bear in mind that if you make a claim on your home insurance for golf equipment, you may lose your no claims bonus and your premium could increase the following year.

Bought By Many has negotiated an exclusive discount with

Will my travel insurance cover playing golf abroad?

Some travel insurance policies will cover you to play golf abroad but sometimes you will have to purchase an add-on option.

Aviva, for example, which is included on our list of the best travel insurance providers, offers golfing cover as an additional extra. This includes £1,500 of equipment cover as well as £250 for the hire of replacement equipment.

Other insurers may cover golf as standard. Double check what you are covered for because some companies may only list liability and medical expenses rather than equipment.

Always check your travel insurance policy documents to make sure you're covered if you're planning on playing golf while you're away.

Check out our article on the best travel insurance companies here.

How much does golf insurance cost?

The cost of golf insurance will vary depending on the comprehensiveness of the policy and whether or not you choose to have add-ons. Other factors, such as where you live and what equipment you want to be covered, can also affect the price of your policy.

Your excess will also have an impact on price.

Generally, policies with a lower excess will cost less than those with a higher excess. While opting for the cheaper policy can be tempting, remember that if you do have to claim you will have to cover that excess, so make sure it is set at a price that isn't higher or similar to the equipment you are covering.

Often, golf policies have a fixed excess, whereas in other types of insurance you can change it.

Some insurers list fixed or starting prices on their website for certain levels of cover. We've outlined them in the table below. Bear in mind that these premiums may change depending on your circumstances and that these policies offer different levels of cover.

Golf insurance comparison

InsurerPolicyListed cost
The Golfers ClubPlatinum£67.99
GolfplanNew for Old£58.08
Worry + Peace Hole-in-1Albatross£34.27

Some golf insurance companies offer discounts for buying directly from them online or for paying annually rather than monthly - for instance, at the time of writing GolfPlan was offering a 5% discount on annual direct debit payments.

The Golfers Club offers a 10% discount for the over 50s. Every new and renewing member also receives five free rounds of golf, five 2-for-1 vouchers and a monthly newsletter.

While price may be an important factor in picking insurance, the cheapest policy isn't necessarily the best.

Golf buggy insurance

Some of the insurers on our list will insure your golf buggy against things like fire and theft for an additional premium. The Golfers Club, for instance, insures against liability claims as standard and can be upgraded to include theft and damage cover.

Some buggy cover will only apply to hired buggies, so if you've bought your own, it's best to check with your insurance company to make sure you're covered.

Similarly to golf clubs, buggies can be insured on either a like-for-like or new-for-old basis. If your golf buggy is expensive, brand new or likely to depreciate quickly, it might be best to opt for a new-for-old option.

Make sure you check what your golf liability cover includes. Often it will only cover you while you're playing golf and not necessarily when you're driving a cart.


Whether you just want some cover for public liability or a comprehensive policy that can cover your equipment and buggy, will depend on your personal circumstances.

If you do decide to take out a golf insurance policy, make sure that you read the policy documents thoroughly so you know exactly what you're covered for. And if your circumstances change, make sure you inform your insurance company so your ability to claim isn't affected.

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