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Key policy features

  • Bell's black box plug and drive policy has no curfew but driving after 10pm will reduce your score
  • You only need to have a black box fitted for three months
  • No monthly mileage limit

  • Average rating of 8.7 out of 10 from 2,876 reviews on

See whether Bell made it into our list of the 8 Best Black Box Car Insurance Providers.


Bell Insurance is part of the Admiral Group and specialises in car insurance for first time drivers, safe drivers and young drivers. Bell uses black box technology (also known as telematics) to ensure fairer premiums.

Overview of insurance cover provided by Bell motor insurance

Bell’s car insurance policy uses 'plug and drive' black box technology. A small box is discreetly fitted to the policy holder's vehicle that measures the driver's speed, how sharply they brake and accelerate, the time of day they drive and the length of their journey. Bell can then give good drivers a discount.

This telematics system is also open to more experienced drivers, helping them to reduce premiums through Bell’s safe driver scheme – without imposing curfews on driving times.

Bell features in our expert guide to the best black box providers here, where you can also read reviews of other providers. We have also ranked the top 10 young driver car insurance providers here.

Bell car insurance policy benefits include free installation of the telematics system, windscreen cover (excesses apply), European cover for up to 90 days, £5,000 personal injury cover and up to £100 personal belongings cover. Optional extras can be added according to individual needs.

Its policy differs from other plug and drive providers because Bell's black box only needs to be fitted for three months after which time it will be removed and your discount will be calculated. You will also be given feedback on your driving after three months. Many other policies require you to have the box fitted at all times.

Although Bell does not have a curfew, driving after 10pm will negatively affect your driving score. There are no monthly mileage limits.

Get a Bell car insurance quote tailored to you.

In addition to offering car insurance, Bell provides specialist motoring policies including van insurance, motorbike insurance, breakdown cover, car warranty and multi-car insurance.

Bell also offers travel insurance.

How much does Bell motor insurance cost?

The total cost of Bell’s insurance products depends on a number of factors. First, which policy you take out – car, van, motorbike or other protection – and your individual circumstances. For example, experienced drivers may be offered a lower premium, however black box technology can help to lower the policy cost for drivers with less mileage under their belt.

And of course it will also depend on how well you drive once the box is fitted.

To get a personalised quote from Bell car insurance, contact the company on their website.

Or, compare Bell's prices with other car insurance companies at Go Compare or use our in-depth black box guide.

What do Bell car insurance customer reviews say?

Black box technology appears to be a hit with Bell’s customers. It is rated 8.7 out of 10 from 2,511 reviews on

On one customer said: “I am one month into my policy and have received my first driving feedback via email - result: GOLD. I have been driving for over 6 years and I'm a confident driver. I'm glad to see the plug and drive device agrees with that.”

Another commented: “Within a year my insurance went down to £450 and after 2nd year it went down to £350! I have never even imagined that the price could go down so much!”

Overall it is rated 1.7 out of 5 on Reviewcentre, with 22% of the 138 people who left a review saying they would recommend the service.

What do Bell car insurance reviews by the experts say?

Bell’s Safe Driver (Plug and Drive) policy has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by industry body Defaqto, which means it is "a standard product providing an average level of features and benefits".

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