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Update, 2017 Allianz no longer offers home or car insurance directly to new customers.

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In Summary

Allianz offers a relatively flexible home insurance policy compared to some providers, as it gives customers the option to customise its basic cover with up to nine additional extras.

Despite some negative reviews mentioning documentation not being received, Allianz has received strong customer feedback overall through independent review site, Feefo.

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Background to Allianz insurance

One of the UK’s largest general insurers, Allianz Insurance is part of the Allianz SE Group – an international financial services provider headquartered in Germany. In addition to home insurance, the company offers car insurance, and specialist policies such as pet insurance and musical instrument cover. Allianz UK headquarters are based in Guildford, Surrey.

Overview of the cover provided by Allianz home insurance

In addition to separate buildings and contents insurance policies, Allianz offers one combined policy, which can be flexibly tailored to suit your individual requirements.

The policy covers buildings up to £1,000,000 and contents up to £100,000, with valuables making up to 30% of the contents being insured. An individual valuable item, such as a piece of jewelry, can be insured for up to 15% of the total contents value. Bicycles worth more than £1,000 must be insured as a specified item.

Standard features of Allianz home insurance include replacement of locks following lost or stolen keys, compensation for metered oil or water lost as a result of heating system damage, and temporary accommodation up to two years and £10,000 if your house becomes uninhabitable.

Allianz has 9 further cover options, available as additional extras:

  • Personal possessions cover away from the home, for items worth up to £1,000 each
  • Home legal expenses up to £50,000
  • 24-hour home emergency assistance
  • Matching sets and suites if home furnishings are damaged
  • Identity fraud checks
  • Garden cover – including £2,000 replacement for trees and plants, and £2,000 garden furniture cover
  • Freezer food and shopping replacement up to £250
  • Student belongings cover up to £3,000
  • High value bicycle cover for bikes worth £1,000-5,000 (those under £1,000 are covered under the standard policy)

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How much does home insurance from Allianz cost?

There is no set cost for Allianz Home Insurance, as the premium price you are quoted will depend on your individual circumstances.

For example, the location, age and condition of your house will impact building insurance quotes, while the level of cover you require for contents – including individually specified items – will also affect the price.

Additional extras could cause your premium to increase, however, this could be worth it in the long run if you go on to make a claim. It’s important to remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better when it comes to home insurance, as you could find yourself with expensive damage that isn’t included within your policy.

The level of excess you select will also cause your premium to go up or down, but it’s better to set it at a level you know you can afford to pay in the event of the claim, rather than setting it high just to make the overall policy cheaper.

To give customers more for their money when joining Allianz, the insurer is offering free 24-hour home emergency assistance for the first 12 months after taking out a policy.

What Allianz home insurance customers say

Independent customer reviews website, Feefo, gives Allianz Home Insurance a 93% rating, with most customers scoring it ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. However, it's important to note that this feedback is for all of Allianz's insurance services, not just home insurance.

Positive feedback includes ‘well mannered and polite’ and ‘really easy to use website’, although there have been some negative reviews. Criticism includes ‘I would prefer to buy insurance from a company that rewards loyalty and has consistent pricing’, and several complaints about documentation not being received.

Another review website,, scores Allianz 3.3/5 stars from 9 ratings for its home insurance, which equates to ‘good’ overall.

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What the expert reviews say

Industry body Defaqto has awarded Allianz a 4/5 star rating for its most comprehensive home insurance, making it a 'a product with a good level of features and benefits.' Its basic cover without additional extras scores 2/5 stars.

Allianz is a recommended home insurance provider by independent review body, Which? Its cover scored a 62% customer rating and a 61% score overall.

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