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Pet Insurance For Older Cats & Dogs

• Cover for past medical conditions
• £7,000 of lifetime vet fee cover for new conditions
• Farewell cover if your pet has to be put to sleep and liability insurance included as standard

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  • Fair and affordable insurance for older pets

    Our pet insurance policies provide a high level of cover for older pets. All of our policies are lifetime - perfect for treating chronic on-going illnesses.

    We cover pre-existing medical conditions which you can claim for as long as your pet has not received treatment or advice for the condition three months before your policy starts.

    To keep your montly premiums costs down, you'll pay 20% of the claim on top of a £69 excess for all dogs aged over nine.

    Get a quote to see your price and find out more. Or you can call our customer services team, who know our policies inside out, on 0345 340 4090.

    Making pet insurance better for everyone

    We listened to thousands of cat and dog owners to create the policies they said they wanted. All our policies have been designed to make insurance fairer and better for pet owners.

    We never charge an existing customer more than a new one and there are no penalties for claiming. You can claim online and we'll pay you or your vet directly. You can pay monthly at no extra cost and we've even made switching pet insurance easier. When you switch to Bought By Many, you can claim for vet treatment within the first 14 days of starting your new policy.

    If you have more than one pet, you can get a 15% multi-pet discount if you insure them all on the same policy. Our customers can also get free video consultations with a vet through the FirstVet app.

    We were delighted that thousands of pet owners voted us the Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider in the UK in the 2019 Moneywise Customer Service Awards. Our online claims service has received thousands of 5-star reviews and we paid more than £7.5m in 2018 to help cats and dogs when they needed it most.

    We paid 96% of claims we received between January and June 2019 and more than 8,000 customers have left 5-star reviews in the past 12 months.

    Read our easy-to-understand policy documents and policy summary for more information about our cover.

    What you're saying about Bought By Many

    • Pam, Fife


      "Easy to take out policy online as options very clear. Our previous insurer wouldn’t give a lifetime option due to Soldier’s age."

    • Carly


      "Claiming was very easy and it took just a day to approve the claim - was very happy!"

    • Tracy


      "Simple claim process helped at a rather stressful time. The process was straightforward and communication was good."

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    Lifetime (or ‘yearly limit’) insurance covers vet fees up to the policy's limit every year. So long as you renew a lifetime policy each year, the level of vet fees will reset to the full stated limits that you started with. With a lifetime product, it is important to note that your premiums are likely to increase each year at renewal.