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Get free vet video calls with Bought By Many pet insurance

Our cover comes with unlimited free vet consultations through the FirstVet app, so you can get expert advice whenever your cat or dog needs it.

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How FirstVet helps pet owners

FirstVet is an app that allows pet owners to have video consultations with UK-registered vets.

If you're worried your pet is ill or has had a minor accident you can speak to their vets to get advice, treatment recommendations or a referral to your local practice.

They're available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions or offer a second opinion about a diagnosis.

Using FirstVet will not affect your pet insurance, it doesn't count as a claim and there's no cost to use it.

We pay for the service because we want owners to have access to an expert at the push of a button, to know when a vet visit is necessary and to help spot conditions before they develop into something more serious.

Once you have our cover you can download the app, register with the mobile number or email address you used for your Bought By Many policy and your date of birth. The My Pets section will find your pet's details from your policy. You can then choose a time slot when you need to speak to a vet.

FirstVet is not designed to replace your vet. If your pet needs medical attention you should take it to a practice as soon as possible. You can find out more about FirstVet on their site.

Bought By Many customer reviews of FirstVet

  • Chris


    "Dr Emma Bower was amazing! Her advice and support for my concerns were second to none. Thank you to Bought By Many for having this service as part of my insurance.”

  • Moh


    “This service is fantastic. The vet was as kind and attentive as our own vet and she gave us very good advice. If your insurance doesn't include this then you should consider changing."

  • Neddy


    “Easy to set up the app. Got a video appointment straight away. The vet was very kind and good. Brilliant, purely for the sake of not having to drag my cat to a vet."

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