Get advice online from a UK Vet

Bought By Many pet insurance customers have free access to FirstVet. So if your pet is unwell you can video call a vet wherever you are and whenever you need help.

All our vet fee policies come give you unlimited FirstVet calls. Get a quote to see your price and policy options and once you’ve chosen your policy you can download the app to get started.

First Vet Consultant on a Mobile

Download the FirstVet app for free from the iOS or Android app stores.

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What is FirstVet?

FirstVet is an app that allows pet owners to have video consultations with UK-registered vets.

If you're worried your pet is ill or has had a minor accident you can speak to their vets to get advice, treatment recommendations or a referral to your local practice.

They're available 24/7 and happy to answer any questions or offer a second opinion about a diagnosis.

Using FirstVet will not affect your pet insurance, it doesn't count as a claim and there's no cost to use it if you’re a Bought By Many customer. It’s available on all our policies apart from Liability Only.

Thousands of Bought By Many pet parents have used it for pets that have eaten something they shouldn’t, to check on a skin reaction and to ask about pets that are limping.

  • Free for Bought By Many customers
  • UK-registered vets available 24/7
  • Make as many calls as you like
  • It doesn’t count as a claim

“Dr Emma was amazing”

Her advice and support for my concerns about my ragdoll were second to none. If I had the money, I would hire her full time to be on call.

The post consultation email was extremely handy. Thank you to Bought By Many for having this service as part of my insurance.
– Chris

Read more customer reviews on FirstVet’s Trustpilot page

Register your pet early with the FirstVet app.

By registering your pet you can get quick and easy help from FirstVet’s veterinarians when you need it most.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

How to use FirstVet

  1. Download the FirstVet app, register with the same email address you use for your Bought By Many account, the mobile phone number you used for your Bought By Many pet insurance - if any - and input your date of birth.
  2. Click ‘My pets’ - the section should already be populated with your pet's details.
  3. When you need a consultation, select your pet, describe its symptoms and choose a time slot.
  4. Enable notifications to receive an alert when your vet starts the video call.